Closed For Submissions

Dear Readers & Contributors:

Sadly, I must postpone production of the magazine again--this time indefinitely--due to chronic illness and other major stressors, transitions and challenges in my personal life that have continued to plague my ability to give the project and your wonderful stories the proper consideration that they deserve. I apologize for this, but I believe it is the most responsible choice I can make at this time. Although I cannot say what the future holds for this project, I did enjoy putting together the first two issues of Grim Corps. I thank you for your submissions and readership. Copies of those issues are still available for download on this site as well as on Amazon and other retail outlets. Meanwhile, I encourage you to keep writing, submitting, and showing your support for the dozens of small press publications out there who work diligently to provide a place for writers to submit their stories.

Submission Guidelines

For our biannual publication of Grim Corps, we consider unpublished stories between 1,000 and 7,000 words. For our Flash Fiction Series, stories should fall between 100 and 1,000 words. We consider a limited number of reprints, but our preference is to work with previously unpublished stories; we're less likely to accept a piece if it has already been published.

We look for works that fit somewhere between the general definitions of literary and speculative fiction, which includes weird tale, slipstream, magic realism, surrealist, absurd, postmodern, transgressive or experimental forms of short fiction.

Horror fiction can be psychological or supernatural but it should lean more towards the literary with the aim of evoking a sense of quiet dread within the reader as opposed to shock value or grossness. We're not interested in pulp horror, hard science fiction, epic fantasy or fan fiction.

We prefer writers who remain attentive to the artistry of language and style and fiction that combines a dark or postmodern sensibility while using these forms as a method of inquiry in addition to providing the reader the opportunity for immersive pleasure.

We enjoy works that express insight into the human condition or explore the internal landscapes of human emotion, examine abstract ideas such as dream versus reality, the boundaries of consciousness, or that raise questions about philosophical, sociological or political themes without being overt, heavy-handed or didactic.

Writers whose works we admire include Borges, Kafka, HG Wells, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Salmon Rushdie, Haruki Murakami, Joyce Carol Oates, TC Boyle, Kathy Acker, Paul Auster, Ian McEwan, Cormac McCarthy, JG Ballard, Ray Bradbury, Laird Barron, Thomas Ligotti and Dan Simmons just to name a few. To get a better sense of what we prefer, we recommend reading a copy of the magazine, available free through our website.

Flash Fiction Series

Submissions are accepted year-round and they should not exceed 1,000 words. Flash stories should reflect the same criteria as specified for longer fiction. Despite the brevity of the form, aim for telling a story that contains the same elements of longer works such as conflict, complication and resolution. We do appreciate humor, but avoid the pitfall of many flash fiction attempts wherein the "story" exists merely as a setup for a punch line. Each month we will select one story to appear on our website.

Poetry, Nonfiction & Artwork

For poetry, we admire dark, experimental and textured language and poems that fit the same sensibilities as specified for fiction. Please submit 1 to 3 poems at a time. We are open to all forms and subjects and there are no length restrictions.

For nonfiction, we welcome essays, articles, book reviews, criticism and interviews of up to 7,000 words. We look for pieces that are emotionally compelling and well-researched and with ideas that would add to the discourse on such topics as the craft of writing, literary theory, philosophy, feminism, queer theory, alternative culture, and social or political issues.

We usually solicit for artwork. We have an affinity for visual art that is avant-garde or pieces that contain dark or striking imagery. Occasionally, we may request an artist to illustrate a specific story, but we are interested in featuring artwork in the magazine as a way to promote visual artists and to direct our reader's interest in an artist's portfolio and/or gallery where their work is for sale.


As payment for fiction, nonfiction and cover artwork, we offer a token amount of $10. Payment for poetry and flash fiction is $5. Featured Art, intended as a means to offer exposure, will receive $5 unless commissioned to illustrate a specific piece, in which case payment would be negotiated between the editor and the artist. All payments are payable upon publication via PayPal.

As a non-profit publication dependent upon donor funding, we reserve the right to adjust these figures at any time and without notice. However, it is our desire to pay contributors as much as we can afford, so our pay rates will increase as funding allows.

Rights & Response Times

For previously unpublished work, we claim First North American Serial Rights and First Electronic Rights. For previously published work, we claim Exclusive Reprint and Electronic Reprint Rights. We retain these rights for a period of six months, after which all rights revert to the author. By submitting your work to us, you are indicating that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in our publishing contract.

Official response time is 60 days or less. However, our actual response time as of late has been about 1 to 2 weeks. Do not query about the status of your submission until after 60 days have passed. Stories kept for further consideration by our editors may take additional time, but authors should expect a response shortly after the close of each reading period.


Please use 12pt. Times New Roman or Courier font with double-spaced lines and indented paragraphs. Include your contact info and the word count of your story at the top of your manuscript. Failure to adhere to standard manuscript format expected by the publishing industry will result in immediate rejection.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but please indicate in your cover letter if this is the case and notify us immediately if the piece is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept multiple submissions. Please wait for a response before sending us another story.

Writers should anticipate a standard collaborative editorial process with minor editing towards fine-tuning a manuscript. Our suggestions will be fair and considerate and we will always defer to the writer's opinion on any particular editorial change.

How to Submit

You can submit your story using our submission manager. E-mail submissions will not be accepted. In your cover letter, include your full name, contact info, and the word-count of your story. Also, include a short bio of no more than 50 words and publishing credits, if applicable.

After submitting, we recommend reporting your submission to

You can always check the status of your submission by logging into your account.

For other inquiries, email